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Need Serenity...Call Jessi

Ever since I can remember I have loved to organize. I would offer to help my friends tidy their rooms so we could go outside and play faster. My friends were happy because most of the time I did the work, their parents were happy because the room got cleaned and I was happy because I enjoyed what I was doing and got to spend time with my friends. 

My first professional organizing job was when I was 11 years old and I loved every minute of helping my grandparents. At that moment I knew that someday I would make this my career. I had fallen in love with helping people feel at peace in their space. 

With my expertise and patience we will work together to get the task completed. 

Comments from clients

"I would recommend Jessi's services to anyone! She did a fantastic job!! The true testament to her great work is that the areas she organized are STILL organized! Mess equals stress and Jessi has made my life easier!" Denice

"You were a life saver when I moved- turns out I have a little bit of pack rat in me." Jenni

"Jessi is excellent at making order out of chaos. She is quick, efficient and gentle- she will push, but knows when to back off. I highly recommend her for any and all of your organizing or purging needs. You won't be sorry." Jeff